Vivid & Vague is practical philosophy for people building and contemplating technology.

Here’s what you can expect in your inbox:

  • A synthesis of meaningful signals from the latest happenings in technology, culture, and personal experience.

  • Occasional long-form essays with clear thinking about mixed feelings.

Each piece aims to find the value in duality: exploring the contrarian and the consensus, the edge and the mainstream, the meaning in commerce.

I spend many of my waking hours analyzing data, studying trends, researching consumer behavior, and mapping pop culture — trying sharpen ideas about how it all fits together. I want to bring that to your inbox.

Who writes this thing?

Hi, I’m @marc_it 👋

I usually introduce myself using some mix of these words: market researcher, UX & design researcher, strategist. You can read more about my background or check out my portfolio on my site.

You might have read one of the books I’ve published (if not, you know what to do 😉)

Is Vivid & Vague free?

Yes, for now. You’re getting in on the ground floor, baby. If you like what you read, tell your friends. I’d really appreciate that. You’ll get my best effort in each newsletter, and in return, I hope we can build a community here.

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Practical philosophy for people building and contemplating technology.


Researcher, periodically dispatching intel about people, technology, and culture.