Vivid & Vague is back

Hi friends ✌️

If this has hit your inbox, you signed up for the Vivid & Vague email list at some point. Maybe you read the book. However you got here, happy to have you.

What’s this all about? Vivid & Vague is now a newsletter which drops weekly. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Quick hits of strategy and philosophy to give you an edge in whatever it is that you do.

  • A synthesis of meaningful signals from the latest happenings in technology, culture, and personal experience.

  • Occasional long-form essays with clear thinking about mixed feelings.

“Great art is clear thinking about mixed feelings.” -W. H. Auden

Is this about art? Business? Technology? Culture? I’m not sure there’s a difference anymore. And so Vivid & Vague will approach all of those things through the lens of clear thinking, or strategy: how we might find lucidity and direction in the deluge of information that the world is presenting us. Each piece will aim to find the value or the insight in duality: exploring the contrarian and the consensus, the edge and the mainstream, the meaning in commerce.

I spend many of my waking hours analyzing data, studying trends, researching consumer behavior, and mapping pop culture and subcultures — ultimately trying to sharpen ideas about how it all fits together. I want to bring that to your inbox.

Stay tuned for the first big V&V piece, coming very soon. It’s an essay about the next generation of software and internet culture trends rising out of the collective COVID-19 situation we’re all experiencing. It’s called Glimpsing the Metaverse, and I’m really excited to share it. A quick preview:

I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy this new chapter of Vivid & Vague. I love that you’re here. Tell your friends, and let’s all be friends.


-Marc / @marc_it

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